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Working Ladies

      At Bella's we are always looking for fun, fresh, positive ladies to join our group of elite sex professionals.  Whether you have worked in the industry before, or just genuinely enjoy sex while giving great service and are looking for a place that is safe, fun, and progressive to conduct business, Bella's is the place for you!

    All applicants must be over 21 years of age, clean, and healthy.  Looks, age, and nationality are flexible. 

Here are some questions you might think about before you call us.

      1. Are you ready to be a legal licensed professional in the sex industry.

​      2. Depending on where you live- Do you have the money or transportation to get here.

​      3. How long are you willing to stay on your first trip.

​      4. Do your obligations at home allow you to keep a reasonable client building schedule.

      5. Are you willing to do what ever it takes to meet your financial goal.

​  If you can answer these questions for yourself then give us a call and we would love to interview you over the phone.



     ​Bella's is looking for reliable bartenders who enjoy giving great customer service, while having a ton of fun.  If you have ever said to yourself "I want to work in a place where the atmosphere is amazing, I can have a great time, and I can help make someone's experience better" you might be just what we are looking for!  

    All applicants must be over 21 years of age and able to pass a background check.

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